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Today's Top Most Volatile STOCKS


The table below shows the top list of the most volatile stocks on the stock market based on the trading data for the most recent trading session. Since the low priced stocks are usually the most volatile by their nature, we have provide price range filter. Volume level filter is also provide (to filter low volume and less liquid stocks)

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Most Volatile Stocks Today

Company NameHigh-Low
VolumeStocks ProfileStock Chart
Intelligent Systems is a venture capital firm specializing i... (INS Profile)
INS Chart
FSIFLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS25.38 %1.251,534,200
Flexible Solutions International, Inc., together with its su... (FSI Profile)
FSI Chart
IPHIINPHI20.98 %15.191,350,900
Inphi Corporation operates as a fabless provider of high-spe... (IPHI Profile)
IPHI Chart
BMAMACRO BANK19.83 %45.75745,600
Banco Macro S.A. provides banking products and services to i... (BMA Profile)
BMA Chart
RTRUBY TUESDAY19.61 %6.482,707,400
Ruby Tuesday, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops... (RT Profile)
RT Chart
GRHGREENHUNTER ENERGY18.97 %2.461,175,600
GreenHunter Energy, Inc., through its subsidiaries, focuses ... (GRH Profile)
GRH Chart
Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. designs, manufactures, and... (BDR Profile)
BDR Chart
CNRCHINA METRO-RURAL18.00 %0.9869,600
China Metro-Rural Holdings Limited, through its subsidiaries... (CNR Profile)
CNR Chart
ZBBZBB ENERGY17.33 %1.48623,200
ZBB Energy Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and ... (ZBB Profile)
ZBB Chart
GBRNEW CONCEPT ENERGY17.30 %2.3091,500
New Concept Energy, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates... (GBR Profile)
GBR Chart
DEJDEJOUR ENERGY17.24 %0.297,581,300
Dejour Energy Inc. engages in acquiring, exploring, and deve... (DEJ Profile)
DEJ Chart
DRLDORAL FINANCIAL17.20 %5.521,353,600
Doral Financial Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provi... (DRL Profile)
DRL Chart
ERBERBA DIAGNOSTICS16.36 %2.11160,600
ERBA Diagnostics, Inc., through its subsidiaries, develops, ... (ERB Profile)
ERB Chart
PNXPHOENIX COMPANIES16.28 %50.98156,800
The Phoenix Companies, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provi... (PNX Profile)
PNX Chart
NQNETQIN MOBILE15.50 %7.8921,348,900
NetQin Mobile Inc. operates as a software-as-a-service provi... (NQ Profile)
NQ Chart
Timberline Resources Corporation engages in the exploration ... (TLR Profile)
TLR Chart
UWNNEVADA GOLD & CASINOS14.17 %1.2012,200
Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. operates as a developer, owner, ... (UWN Profile)
UWN Chart
BAABANRO12.50 %0.261,719,100
Banro Corporation engages in the exploration and development... (BAA Profile)
BAA Chart
SBSAFE BULKERS12.04 %7.661,581,100
Safe Bulkers, Inc. provides marine drybulk transportation se... (SB Profile)
SB Chart
SLCAUS SILICA HOLDINGS11.96 %59.603,927,400
U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. produces and sells commercial sil... (SLCA Profile)
SLCA Chart
BFRBBVA BANCO FRANCES11.65 %13.831,231,900
BBVA Banco Frances S.A., together with its subsidiaries, pro... (BFR Profile)
BFR Chart
WHWSP HOLDINGS11.54 %0.7944,700
WSP Holdings Limited, through its subsidiaries, manufactures... (WH Profile)
WH Chart
SRSTANDARD REGISTER11.19 %5.6829,600
The Standard Register Company provides communications manage... (SR Profile)
SR Chart
CAWCCA INDUSTRIES11.17 %3.5262,300
CCA Industries, Inc. engages in manufacturing and selling he... (CAW Profile)
CAW Chart
SearchMedia Holdings Limited, a multi-platform media company... (IDI Profile)
IDI Chart
CURNEURALSTEM10.89 %3.051,331,600
Neuralstem, Inc., a biopharmaceuticals company, focuses on t... (CUR Profile)
CUR Chart
North American Palladium Ltd. engages in the exploration and... (PAL Profile)
PAL Chart
Synthetics Biologics, Inc., a biotechnology company, focuses... (SYN Profile)
SYN Chart
Pacific Booker Minerals Inc., a natural resource exploration... (PBM Profile)
PBM Chart
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology... (NBY Profile)
NBY Chart
VGVONAGE HOLDINGS10.50 %3.813,085,800
Vonage Holdings Corp. provides voice and messaging services ... (VG Profile)
VG Chart
PWEPENN WEST PETROLEUM10.43 %7.8718,807,600
Penn West Petroleum Ltd. engages in acquiring, exploring, de... (PWE Profile)
PWE Chart
DPWDIGITAL POWER10.34 %1.4189,900
Digital Power Corporation, together with its subsidiary, Dig... (DPW Profile)
DPW Chart
EDNEDENOR10.15 %15.40621,100
Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte Sociedad Anon... (EDN Profile)
EDN Chart
AXXALDERON IRON ORE10.14 %1.39242,100
Alderon Iron Ore Corp. is engaged in acquiring, exploring, a... (AXX Profile)
AXX Chart
ENDENDEAVOR INTL9.86 %1.391,994,800
Endeavour International Corporation, an oil and gas company,... (END Profile)
END Chart
NTLNORTEL INVERSORA9.73 %24.4718,300
Nortel Inversora S.A., through its subsidiary, Telecom Argen... (NTL Profile)
NTL Chart
Houston American Energy Corp. engages in the exploration, de... (HUSA Profile)
HUSA Chart
INVNINVENSENSE9.51 %23.847,061,900
InvenSense, Inc. designs, develops, markets, and sells micro... (INVN Profile)
INVN Chart
GFIGGFI GROUP9.38 %4.3411,113,600
GFI Group Inc. provides wholesale brokerage, clearing, elect... (GFIG Profile)
GFIG Chart
GTTHE GOODYEAR TIRE9.35 %26.359,849,500
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company engages in the developmen... (GT Profile)
GT Chart
YPFYPF SOCIEDAD ANONIMA9.30 %39.428,556,900
YPF SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, an energy company, engages in the expl... (YPF Profile)
YPF Chart
TGCTENGASCO9.30 %0.4542,500
Tengasco, Inc. engages in the exploration and production of ... (TGC Profile)
TGC Chart
XPOEXPRESS-1 EXPEDITED9.28 %30.034,074,500
Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc., through its subsidiarie... (XPO Profile)
XPO Chart
RSHRADIOSHACK9.23 %0.673,220,400
RadioShack Corporation engages in the retail sale of consume... (RSH Profile)
RSH Chart
RENN Global Entrepreneurs Fund, Inc. operates as a closed-en... (RCG Profile)
RCG Chart
Petrobras Argentina S.A. operates in the oil industry worldw... (PZE Profile)
PZE Chart
EQUEQUAL ENERGY8.99 %5.24680,600
Equal Energy Ltd., through its subsidiaries, engages in the ... (EQU Profile)
EQU Chart
SALTScorpio Bulkers Inc.8.99 %8.29390,800
Scorpio Bulkers Inc. own and operates a fleets of dry freigh... (SALT Profile)
SALT Chart
TXMDTherapeuticsMD, Inc.8.97 %5.024,500,300
TherapeuticsMD, Inc. operates as a womenÂ’s healthcare produ... (TXMD Profile)
TXMD Chart
XCOEXCO RESOURCES8.93 %4.7415,492,800
EXCO Resources, Inc., an independent oil and natural gas com... (XCO Profile)
XCO Chart
MEAMETALICO8.90 %1.52335,000
Metalico, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in scrap m... (MEA Profile)
MEA Chart
Great Panther Silver Limited, together with its subsidiaries... (GPL Profile)
GPL Chart
TGSTRANS DE GAS DEL SUR SA8.88 %3.291,054,300
Transportadora de Gas Del Sur S.A. engages in the transporta... (TGS Profile)
TGS Chart
Helix BioPharma Corp., a biopharmaceutical company, develops... (HBP Profile)
HBP Chart
PEDPEDEVCO Corp.8.82 %1.7176,100
PEDEVCO Corp. engages in the acquisition and development of ... (PED Profile)
PED Chart
CANFCan-Fite BioPharma Ltd.8.80 %3.7311,400
Can-Fite BioPharma, Ltd., a biotechnology company, develops ... (CANF Profile)
CANF Chart
BZCBREEZE-EASTERN8.76 %10.7812,700
Breeze-Eastern Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, ... (BZC Profile)
BZC Chart
ETAKELEPHANT TALK8.54 %0.83197,700
Elephant talk Communications Corporation operates as mobile ... (ETAK Profile)
ETAK Chart
Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation, an exploration st... (TRX Profile)
TRX Chart
VJETVoxeljet AG8.34 %19.16762,800
voxeljet AG provides three-dimensional (3D) printers and on-... (VJET Profile)
VJET Chart
CASAM CASTLE8.33 %8.83363,600
A.M. Castle & Co. operates as a specialty metals and plastic... (CAS Profile)
CAS Chart
CALXCALIX8.32 %9.241,612,200
Calix, Inc. provides broadband communications access systems... (CALX Profile)
CALX Chart
GNWGENWORTH FINANCIAL8.30 %14.4536,603,000
Genworth Financial, Inc., a financial security company, prov... (GNW Profile)
GNW Chart
BIOABioAmber Inc.8.28 %12.3478,600
BioAmber Inc., a bio-based chemicals company, produces and s... (BIOA Profile)
BIOA Chart
General Steel Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, enga... (GSI Profile)
GSI Chart
INGRINGREDION8.20 %76.601,142,600
Ingredion Incorporated, together with its subsidiaries, manu... (INGR Profile)
INGR Chart
USANA Health Sciences, Inc. develops, manufactures, distribu... (USNA Profile)
USNA Chart
WLHWilliam Lyon Homes7.99 %26.04516,200
William Lyon Homes, together with its subsidiaries, engages ... (WLH Profile)
WLH Chart
American DG Energy Inc. distributes, owns, and operates on-s... (ADGE Profile)
ADGE Chart
AXRAMREP7.97 %5.7412,700
AMREP Corporation, through its subsidiaries, engages in real... (AXR Profile)
AXR Chart
COCHINA CORD BLOOD7.96 %4.53108,900
China Cord Blood Corporation operates as a cord blood bank i... (CO Profile)
CO Chart
Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. develops and markets wireless te... (IDN Profile)
IDN Chart
Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company, Inc., a specialty pharmaceuti... (AXN Profile)
AXN Chart
ADTADT CORP7.85 %34.6910,797,300
The ADT Corporation provides electronic security, interactiv... (ADT Profile)
ADT Chart
AXUALEXCO RESOURCE7.84 %1.042,212,100
Alexco Resource Corp. engages in the exploration and develop... (AXU Profile)
AXU Chart
Standard Motor Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes r... (SMP Profile)
SMP Chart
FTDFTD GROUP INC7.78 %32.78779,600
FTD Companies, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates as a... (FTD Profile)
FTD Chart
MTLMECHEL OAO7.77 %1.981,061,300
Mechel OAO, together with its subsidiaries, engages in minin... (MTL Profile)
MTL Chart
IRSIRSA7.59 %16.54115,500
IRSA Investments and Representations, Inc., through its subs... (IRS Profile)
IRS Chart
MEETMEETME7.56 %2.41717,000
MeetMe, Inc., a social media technology company, owns and op... (MEET Profile)
MEET Chart
WLPWELLPOINT7.55 %113.285,318,300
WellPoint, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates as a hea... (WLP Profile)
WLP Chart
SYXSYSTEMAX7.55 %13.6528,300
Systemax Inc. primarily operates as a direct marketer of bra... (SYX Profile)
SYX Chart
FOEFERRO7.51 %12.391,177,000
Ferro Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages i... (FOE Profile)
FOE Chart
Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A., a cement company, produces, distr... (CPAC Profile)
CPAC Chart
CHMTCHEMTURA CORP7.50 %24.003,878,700
Chemtura Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engage... (CHMT Profile)
CHMT Chart
NNVCNanoViricides, Inc.7.45 %4.04173,300
NanoViricides, Inc. a nano-biopharmaceutical company, discov... (NNVC Profile)
NNVC Chart
YELPYELP7.45 %73.5810,884,100
Yelp, Inc. operates Yelp.com, an online urban city guide tha... (YELP Profile)
YELP Chart
Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co., Ltd., together w... (CCSC Profile)
CCSC Chart
EMESEmerge Energy Services LP7.38 %110.38456,700
Emerge Energy Services LP focuses on owning, operation, acqu... (EMES Profile)
EMES Chart
ACCOACCO BRANDS7.37 %6.431,815,900
ACCO Brands Corporation manufactures and markets office, sch... (ACCO Profile)
ACCO Chart
SKYSKYLINE7.37 %4.6324,700
Skyline Corporation and its subsidiaries engage in designing... (SKY Profile)
SKY Chart
Entertainment Gaming Asia Inc. engages in the ownership and ... (EGT Profile)
EGT Chart
RNGRingCentral, Inc.7.35 %15.121,894,700
RingCentral, Inc. provides software-as-a-service solutions f... (RNG Profile)
RNG Chart
MGHMINCO GOLD7.32 %0.4246,000
Minco Gold Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, enga... (MGH Profile)
MGH Chart
Quicksilver Resources Inc. engages in the exploration, devel... (KWK Profile)
KWK Chart
CRKCOMSTOCK RESOURCES7.28 %24.191,476,200
Comstock Resources, Inc. engages in the acquisition, develop... (CRK Profile)
CRK Chart
PAMPAMPA ENERGIA7.26 %11.131,292,700
Pampa Energia S.A., through its subsidiaries, engages in the... (PAM Profile)
PAM Chart
DHXDICE HOLDINGS7.24 %8.581,456,000
Dice Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides onli... (DHX Profile)
DHX Chart
NADLNorth Atlantic Drilling Limited7.19 %9.511,367,700
North Atlantic Drilling Limited operates as an offshore dril... (NADL Profile)
NADL Chart

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